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Maximize Your Productivity with Microsoft Outlook: A 90-Minute Guide

Maximize your productivity with this webinar that not only teaches you little known features of Microsoft Outlook but infuses time management principles into the instruction. You will benefit professionally as you use Microsoft Outlook features to: Customiz ...

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Changing Roles In Business

Your business performance is directly related to the quality and delivery of materials and services from your supplier.   They play a major role in your success or failure. Recognizing this point requires that we pursue a new relationship with our suppliers.  ...

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AI for Excel: ChatGPT & Beyond

In this webinar, we take an in-depth exploration of how AI, particularly ChatGPT, can revolutionize Excel usage and go beyond traditional spreadsheet functionalities. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the following key topics: Introduction to AI Inte ...

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Influence & Persuasion

Persuasion is not just about getting people to take an action, its about getting people to believe the action you want them to take is their own idea and the best action to take. In this webinar you will learn how to use influence and persuasion to get people ...

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Assertive Speaking Skills for Professionals - How to ask for what you want and get it

Do you avoid speaking up, are worried you may upset others, or are unsure how to articulate your message? Do you often feel you fail to get your opinions heard or that people readily dismiss or undermine your views? Do you typically consider others’ feelings ...

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ChatGPT for Excel Intermediate Masterclass

Gain easy-to-understand and practical “hands-on” knowledge of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at an intermediate level with a focus on significantly enhancing capabilities in Microsoft Excel. Harness the awesome power of AI to take Excel to a new lev ...

  • Intermediate
  • 90 Mins
  • Ray Evans
  • Jul 29, 2024
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Public Speaking without Fear: How to Go from Nervous to Natural and Turn Panic into Poise

Whether in an informal setting or a more formal presentation, we all want to bring our “A Game” any time we speak up in a meeting or express our ideas. Plan to join us if: Quite frankly, you hate public speaking You’ve been embarrassed because you get shak ...

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Wage and Labor Laws - Overview of Essentials

Federal, State and Local Laws, Rules, and Regulations can be complicated to understand. This course helps identify areas of compliance concerns, resources to outline requirements, and best practices to satisfy wage and labor activities. Determine what your org ...

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Stay Interviews: A Powerful and Low-Cost Employee Engagement and Retention Tool

A recent LinkedIn news article titled "Exit Interview, Meet Stay Interview” states:  “Scores of people are leaving jobs for greener pastures. That's a lot of exit interviews. While the Great Reshuffle is upon us, and looks to continue well in to 2024, a new k ...

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AI for Excel beyond the basics

This webinar introduces intermediate to advanced techniques that combine artificial intelligence with Excel to revolutionize data handling and analysis. In the realm of data preparation, AI in Excel allows users to create new data columns automatically in Pow ...